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Role:  Sole UX/UI Desinger

Tools: Figma, Photoshop, Maze


Airbnb is an online marketplace that connects people who want to rent out their homes to people are looking for accomodations.


Airbnb has noticed that many customers reach out to their hosts post stay to inquire about the items in their homes, and where to purchase them. Airbnb is interested in making it easier for its customers to purchase the products they see in the homes where they stay. 

airbnb- promax mockup.png



Let's get going

I kicked this case study off by doing some research and gathering insight into whether or not users would even be interested in this particular feature.  This was done by facilitating an assumption mapping, conducting user interviews and surveys.  

Survey Says....

  1. The majority of users surveyed have used Airbnb to book lodging in the last 6 months.

  2. Users agree QR codes on or near items is a good idea.

  3. Most users have never contacted a host to inquire about an item or product from a previous lodging experience.

My Assumptions

  1. The process of acquiring items from a pervious rental has to be hassle free. 

  2. The new feature has to be as "baked in" or seamlessly integrated into the current UI as possible. 

  3. Users are interested in both commercially available items as well as more unique, one of a kind items. 

User Interviews Revealed

  1. Airbnb is the app of choice for booking lodging.

  2. None of the users interviewed had ever considered contacting a host to inquire about an item in the rental property.

  3.  The less interaction with the host, the better.

  4. Users recommend using QR codes.



Generating Ideas

Now that I've finalized user interviews and surveys I facilitated an affinity mapping with a group of designers. This group effort allowed us to unify a large amount of date, by finding relationships between concepts, ideas, ,and in this case areas of opportunity with how might we statements.

Once these areas were identified I was able to create my problem statement

Areas of opportunity & How might we statements

  1. Locating products effectively
    How might we use QR codes to streamline the experience of buying products within an Airbnb.

  2. Communication between guest and host
    How might we ensure that this feature is effective while requiring as little communication between guest and host as possible. 


  3. Feature integration
    How might we bake this new feature into the existing product so that neither guest nor host incur additional charges

Affinity map


Problem Statement

As an adult who rents lodging through Airbnb.

I struggle with finding the items I like from my rental.

Because there is no clear method of acquiring them.



Generating Ideas

Now that a problem statement has been created I was able to gather a group of designers and facilitate an ideation jam with the intention of generating ideas through group exercises.


Based on the ideas generated in these sessions I was able to generate 2 high-priority user flows. At this point I could begin wire framing and usability testing.

Ideation Jam - Exercises

  1. Worst Idea

  2. Brainstorming - Best Idea


  3. Lightening Sketch

  4. Lightening Demo

Ideation Jam - Best Ideas

  1. A list of items under the "my trips" tab that is host maintained.

  2. Use simple QR codes on or near the items.

  3. Using tech within the existing app so there is zero contact between guest and host.

User Flows

  1. Find an item or product you'd like to purchase from a previous Airbnb lodging experience.

  2. Using QR codes, find an item from a previous Airbnb lodging experience.



Lo-fi prototype


Usability Testing - Round 1

Task Success Rate: 79.45%

  1. The wording I used to describe the user's tasks was confusing. 


Usability Testing - Round 2

Task Success Rate: 100%

  1. Rephrased how I described each task to the user. Ability to complete tasks drastically improved. 

Usability heatmaps




Ready to go

After a second round of successful testing users are now able to locate items from previous rentals via the "Explore Your Previous Rentals" section and by scanning QR codes.

In order to create the final high fidelity prototypes, I first had to re-create the existing Airbnb mobile UI from the ground up. This was done to ensure the new feature could be integrated seamlessly. 

Screen Shot 2021-12-14 at 12.18.28 PM.png

Working prototype

High-Fi prototypes

Style guide

Screen Shot 2021-12-14 at 12.27.57 PM.png
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