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Role:  Sole UX/UI Desinger

Tools: Figma, Photoshop, Useberry, Maze

Macbook Pro.png


Matchbox is a conceptual online marketplace that allows collectors to buy and sell items online. I chose to re-imagine the user's home screen.


To design a homepage that's simple to use and suited for anybody with a desire to buy or sell online.



Starting from scratch

I started by doing research and gathering insight as to what online collectors desired from their home screen. This was done by facilitating an assumption mapping, as well as conducting user interviews, surveys, and completing a competitive analysis.

My Assumptions

  1. The user's homepage needs to be simple and welcoming.

  2. A personalized shopping experience is of the utmost importance.

  3. Users desire a robust and intuitive search function.

User Interviews & Surveys Revealed

  1. Majority of people have bought or sold something online in the last six months.

  2. Users want tailored content on their homepage ie. products reviews, product recommendations, sales and promotions.

  3. Users desire improved search functionality with filters and options.



Moving on

Once I concluded user interviews, I facilitated an affinity mapping with a group of designers. This collaborative effort allowed us to unify a large amount of data by finding relationships between concepts, ideas, and in this case areas of opportunity

Once these areas were identified I referenced my competitive analysis and user journey map in order to further identify pain points. At last, a problem statement was produced. 

Areas of opportunity & How might we statements

  1. Search Functionality
    How might we develop an improved search function that saves time and directs users
to the products they desire?

  2. Competitors
    How might we improve upon the personalized home screen experience and still incorporate 
core marketplace features?


  3. Tailored Content & Simplicity
    How might we simplify the home screen in order to deliver personalized
 content that users find valuable?


  4. User Behaviors
    How might we interpret user habits and behaviors better in order 
to improve their marketplace experience?

User Journey Map.png
Affinity Map.png

Problem Statement

As an adult who buys and sells online. 

I struggle with finding accurate and quality items in a timely manner.

Because of excess search results and cluttered homepages.

Affinity map

Journey map



Wild ideas

With a problem statement in hand, I assembled a group of designers and facilitated an ideation jam with the intent of generating ideas through group exercises. That same group then prioritized the home screen's features.


Based on the information from these sessions I was able to generate 4 high-priority user flows. From there I could begin wire framing, creating lo-fi prototypes and performing usability tests

Ideation Jam - Exercises

  1. Worst Idea Ever

  2. Brainstorming - Best Idea


  3. Negative Brainstorming

  4. How would ___________ do it?

Ideation Jam - Best Ideas

  1. Robust search functionality.

  2. Complete home screen customization.

  3. Simplify home screen as much as possible.

User Flows

  1. Search for and find a product.

  2. Customize User home screen content.

  3. Select a category in your favorites section.

  4. Select a recommended product.



Lo-fi prototype


Mid-fi prototype


Usability Testing - Round 1

Task Success Rate: 61%

  1. Some phrases and wording confused users.

  2. It isn't clear what to do with the custom content cards.

  3. The overall design is confusing, not intuitive.

Usability Testing - Round 2

Task Success Rate: 88%

  1. Users ability to navigate home screen and complete tasks drastically improve.

Usability heatmaps




Signed, sealed, delivered

I put a lot of emphasis on giving the users the ability to completely customize their personal home screen. I attempted to do so with a series of modular content cards that the user can customize.

Users can also search for items with ease via advanced search functionality. 

There are also plenty of opportunities for users to indulge in sales, promotions and product recommendations.

Mac & iphone Mockup.png

Working prototype

Screen Shot 2021-12-08 at 10.46.17 AM.png

High-Fi prototypes

Style guide

MB-Style Guide_Prime.png
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